Friday, July 23, 2010

Tah Ready...

Did i mention I've finished my Cherudim?..
I decided to add a little decal then that's it.
(not much of a make over but....gahhhhhhh)

Extra Decal I've added..

I think that's all I need to do for now..
Its time to move on to my new Project..


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Recently Post..

This will Be my Newest project.. (^o^)

I got Him 2 Years ago (old and Dusty)
And the urge to mess us my Gundam controlling me!!!
(Psycho laugh)

I add some sticker on it and its time for me to remove it and replace with more attractive Decal.
But for now lets start with Color.
Gray sounds Winner
Again with Silver Lining and touch up.
(writing down some note)
Extra weapon?..nahh..well leave that for some other time..
For now.. Paint....


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cherudim Black Ver. 01

As I promise, new pic of my Cherudim that i color Black and Silver Lining.

I'm Having Some hard Time finding Good and suitable Decal for some area of Cherudim, So I go for What's Left Of my Old Decal hopefully it'll Look good On it.

GN Beam Sniper/SMG With Exia Shield.

AEUG Decal.


 GN Beam Sniper/SMG Back Mounted

My New Gundam

Hell Yeah!! My Gf Gave me this A year Ago and since then Ive Been Thinking Of Making an Upgrade on it..

Cherudim Gundam

This is how it look like before I Repaint it.

And this is After

With AEUG Decal and Customized Sword.

Silver Lining.

(before I Paint it Black)
I forgot To mention That i Paint it Yellow Undercoat before Silver Lining.
Making a bit Rusty Effect.

I also made Long Range Radar Jammer that can be deploy into Scouting Jet For Long range and hidden terrain misson.

And a Sniper can Be shoulder Mounted weapon.
For now thats all i can post.
Still More to do With It..

To Be Continue........

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Return!!!!

Heh..its been a While..
Not much to share but some Pic of the my "Old Gundam" Remake..

Remamber Him?..Dynames..I've remodel it..
 Quiet a time..